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   Ankur Sinha, PhD

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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Ankur Sinha

Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad India

Office Address
Wing 4 Room G
IIMA Campus, Vastrapur
Ahmedabad 380015 Gujarat

Phone (Office) +91 (0) 79 6632 4837
Phone (Residence) +91 (0) 79 6632 5008

Email: asinha@iima.ac.in

Educational Qualifications
Research Interests
Past Experience
Recent Journal Publications
  1. A. Sinha, P. Malo, K. Deb. Evolutionary Algorithm for Bilevel Optimization using Approximations of the Lower Level Optimal Solution Mapping. European Journal of Operational Research, 2016 (Accepted).
  2. A. Sinha, P. Malo, K. Deb. Approximated Set-valued Mapping Approach for Handling Multiobjective Bilevel Problems. Computers and Operations Research, 2016 (Accepted).
  3. A. Sinha, J. Rämö, P. Malo, M. Kallio, and O. Tahvonen. Optimal Management of Naturally Regenerating Uneven-aged Forests. European Journal of Operational Research, 2016 (Forthcoming).
  4. M. Islam, H. K. Singh, T. Ray and A. Sinha. A Memetic Algorithm for Single Objective Bilevel Optimization Problems. Evolutionary Computation Journal, 2016 (Forthcoming).
  5. A. Sinha, P. Malo, K. Deb, P. Korhonen, and J. Wallenius. Solving bilevel multi-criterion optimization problems with lower level decision uncertainty. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 20(2):199-217, 2016.
  6. A. Sinha, P. Korhonen, and J. Wallenius. Finding better alternatives than those considered in a multicriteria data sample. Journal of Business Economics (Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft), 86(1):35-54, 2016.
  7. A. Sinha, P. Malo, and T. Kuosmanen. A multi-objective exploratory procedure for regression model selection. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 24(1):154-182, 2015.
  8. A. Sinha, P. Malo, and K. Deb. Test problem construction for single-objective bilevel optimization. Evolutionary Computation Journal, 22(3):439-477, 2014.
  9. P. Malo, A. Sinha, P. Takala, P. Korhonen, and J. Wallenius. Good debt or bad debt: Detecting semantic orientations in economic texts. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 65(4):782-796, 2014.
  10. A. Sinha, D. K. Saxena, K. Deb, and A. Tiwari. Using objective reduction and interactive procedure to handle many-objective optimization problems. Applied Soft Computing, 13(1):415-427, 2013.
  11. A. Sinha, P. Malo, A. Frantsev, and K. Deb. Finding optimal strategies in a multi-period multi-leader-follower stackelberg game using an evolutionary algorithm. Computers & Operations Research, 41:374{385, 2014.
  12. A. Sinha, K. Deb, P. Korhonen, and J. Wallenius. An interactive evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm with a limited number of decision maker calls. European Journal of Operational Research, 233(3):674-688, 2014.
  13. P. Malo, P. Siitari, and A. Sinha. Automated query learning with wikipedia and genetic programming. Artificial Intelligence, 194:86-110, 2013.
  14. P. Malo, A. Sinha, J. Wallenius, and P. Korhonen. Concept-based document classi cation using wikipedia and value function. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 62(12):2496-2511, 2011.
  15. K. Deb and A. Sinha. An efficient and accurate solution methodology for bilevel multi-objective programming problems using a hybrid evolutionary-local-search algorithm. Evolutionary Computation Journal, 18(3):403-449, 2010.
  16. K. Deb, A. Sinha, P. Korhonen, and J. Wallenius. An interactive evolutionary multi-objective optimization method based on progressively approximated value functions. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 14(5):723-739, 2010.
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Professional Service

Session Chair

  • Special session on Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization at WCCI 2016 conference in Vancouver, Canada
  • Special session on Bilevel Optimization at CEC 2015 conference in Sendai, Japan
  • Session on Optimization and Decision-making: Theory and Applications at IFORS 2014 in Barcelona, Spain
  • Special session on Bilevel Optimization at CEC 2013 conference in Cancun, Mexico
  • Special session on Bilevel Optimization at WCCI 2012 conference in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Session on Applied Simulations at CEC 2009 conference in Trondheim, Norway.


  • Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization at CEC (May 2015), Sendai, Japan.
  • Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization at PPSN (September 2014), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Bilevel Optimization at GECCO (July 2013) in Amsterdam, Netherlands and GECCO (July 2014) in Vancouver, Canada.
Invited Talks
  • "Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization", March 2016, Neuvo Leon, Mexico
  • "Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization" at Xerox Research Center India, July 2014, Bangalore, India
  • "Evolutionary approaches to handling bilevel optimization problems" at Beacon Center MSU, February 2013, East Lansing, MI, USA
  • "Introduction to Bilevel Optimization" at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, August 2011, Kanpur, India
  • "Progressively Interactive Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization" at Saint Petersburg State University, May 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • "Solving Bilevel Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Using Evolutionary Algorithms" at University of Jyvaskyla, November 2008, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Conference Presentations

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