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New Campus

The Institute’s growing popularity has enabled it to increase the number of courses on offer. This in turn has increased the number of students who wish to study at IIMA. The Institute developed a new campus to accommodate the growth. This was achieved by extending the present campus by a further 39 acres. The new campus includes state-of-the-art international management and convention centre along with classrooms, dormitories and ancillary facilities. It has added 5 more classrooms, 12 seminar rooms and an auditorium. The two campuses are separated by a 132' ring road. A pedestrian underpass links the two campuses into a single unit. The new facilities help IIMA provide the best possible services to companies and executives as well as create an important legacy for future generations.

The new campus has two major sections:  

  1. One section caters to the needs of PGP, PGP-ABM and FPM courses. This sector consists of seven dormitories, five classrooms, four seminar rooms, 12 syndicate rooms, faculty block and administrative building.
  2. The other section is referred to as International Management Development Centre. This section besides hosting the IMDC also caters to the needs of PGP-X and other executive development programs. This section consists of 164 residential rooms, three classrooms, two seminar rooms, 24 syndicate rooms and an exclusive dinning hall.
There are four residential sections parallel to each other. There are three floors which can be accessed by lifts. Each floor has 14 rooms and two syndicate rooms that can accommodate 7 participants. These rooms can be used for group discussions and project works. All rooms have attached toilet and bath, window AC, Internet connectivity, telephone, hot water facility, a 6' x 3' bed which can be pulled into a 6' x 6' bed to accommodate the spouse of the participant, a small fridge, sufficient storage space, a computer chair and an easy chair.

Ample covered parking is available for the vehicles of the participants. All classrooms, seminar rooms, syndicate rooms and offices are air-conditioned. Each room has a small balcony.   Extensive parts of the campus are being planted with trees to create the serenity in the ambience that fosters free thinking and introspection. A sports complex is under construction along with a center for innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship, a small cafeteria, two dorms with attached toilet and bath.