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Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS)

IIMA’s involvement in the health sector started with the establishment of the Public Systems Group in 1975. In the initial period, our research focused on the management of primary healthcare services and family planning. We expanded our research activities to include the management of secondary healthcare services in the 80s and to tertiary healthcare services in the 90s. Subsequently we added Healthcare Insurance and related topics in our contributions to the health sector.

Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS) was setup in June 2004 in recognition of IIMA’s contributions to the health sector in the past and the felt need to strengthen the management of health sector in the context of socio-economic developments of our country. The overall objectives of CMHS are to address the managerial challenges in the delivery of health services to respond to the needs of different segments of our population efficiently and effectively, build institutions of excellence in the health sector, and influence health policies and wider environments.


CMHS is expected to (i) Provide thrust and long term sustainability for our involvement in Health sector (ii) Highlight our commitment to social sector, (iii) Facilitate our involvement in large projects., (iv) Attract health care researchers from all over the world, (v) Develop synergies with other institutions involved in healthcare management., and (vi) Actively participate in the dissemination of knowledge.

Professor Arnab K. Laha
Chairperson, Centre for Management of Health Services
Telephone No. 079 - 6632 4947 •  Fax. No. 079 - 6632 4698    
Website:    http://www.iima.ac.in/faculty-and-research/research-centers/cmhs.html

CMHS has carried out research projects focused on Health Policy and Planning, Governance and management challenges in the health sector, Hospital Management, Clinical Lab management, Imaging lab management, Maternal Health, HIV/AIDS, Infection Control, Urban Health, Cancer Care, Management Capacity Assessment, etc.

Some of the Highlights of our contributions include:

  • 1 text book in Hospital Management
  • 66 working papers/monographs
  • 2 edited books and 6 chapters in books
  • 52 presentations in conferences/seminars
  • 56 articles in refereed journals
  • 20 case studies

CHMS Faculty :
Prof. Anurag K. Agarwal Prof. Apratim Guha Prof. Arnab Kumar Laha,(Chairperson-CMHS)
Prof. Asha Kaul Prof. Ashis Jalote Parmar Prof. Debjit Roy
Prof. Dheeraj Sharma Prof. Dhiman Bhadra Prof. Goutam Dutta
Prof. Karthik Sriram Prof. K.V.Ramani Prof. Naman Desai
Prof. Rajendra Patel Prof. Rajesh Chandwani Prof. Samir K. Barua
Prof. Sanjay Verma Prof. Satish Deodhar Prof. Shailesh Gandhi,
Prof. Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla Prof. Sunil Maheshwari Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay
Prof. Vishwanath Pingali    

CMHS Team:
Prof. Arnab Kumar Laha,
Uma Baskaran
(In-charge, CMHS)
Harshad Zala Vanaji Parmar

Priyanka Roy (Research Assistant)
Prajakti Ranadive (Research Assistant)  


CMHS Office
Centre for Management of Health Services
Indian Institute of Management
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. 380 015, India
Telephone No. 079 - 6632 4649/4699. Fax. No. 079 - 6632 4698
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