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Working Papers

The Effects of Group Brainstorming on the Auditor’s Search for Potential Misstatements and Assessment of Fraud Risk in the Presence of Pressures and Opportunities
Desai, Naman
Are Big 4 Audit Fee Premiums Always Related to Superior Audit Quality? Evidence from India’s Unique Audit Market
Joshy,Jacob; Desai, Naman; Agarwalla, Sobhesh Kumar
Is 2% the Solution? Experimental Evidence on the New CSR Rule in India
Desai, Naman; Pingali, Viswanath ; Tripathy, Arindam
The Impact of Psychological Traits on Judgments Related to Ethics
Agarwalla, Sobhesh Kumar; Desai, Naman; Tripathy, Arindam
Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Crony Capitalism: A Review Paper
Gupta, Vishal
Exact Procedures for Non-Regular Measures of the Multi-Mode RCPSP
Dayal Madhukar; Verma, Sanjay
Examination of a Moderated-Mediation Model Linking Perceived Organizational Support, Affective Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Work Engagement: A Study of Nurses in the Indian Context
Agarwal, Upasna A.; Gupta, Vishal
Examining the Mediating and Moderating Effects of Engagement and Conscientiousness for the Job Characteristics and Intention to Quit Relationship
Agarwal, Upasna A.; Gupta, Vishal
A Study on the Not-for-Profit Route to Olympic Gold
Tripathi, Sanjeev; Agrawal, Kopal
Constituents of Successful Sports Leagues in Emerging Markets
Tripathi, Sanjeev; Kapoor, Ankur