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Working Papers

A study of technological capability among product based telecom start-ups in India: Role of knowledge, learning and bricolage
Aeron, Prageet; Jain, Rekha
Role of Clusters and Certification in the Internationalization of Offshoring Service Providers from Emerging Markets: A Study of Indian IT firms
Upadhyayula, Rajesh; Karthik, D.; Karna, Amit
Strategic Paths and Performance of Born Globals: A Study of Indian IT Firms
Karthik, D.; Upadhyayula, Rajesh; Basant, Rakesh
Influence of Board Diversity and Characteristics on CEO Compensation: Contingent Effects of Concentrated Ownership
Balasubramanian, Bala N.; Barua, Samir K.; Karthik, D.
Does Economy Matter for Public Support for Environmental Protection? Evidence from India
Turaga, Rama Mohana
Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace: A Review of Research and Perspectives
Nair, Nisha; Vohra, Neharika
Managing Emotions: Emotional Labor or Emotional Enrichment
Chandwani, Rajesh; Sharma, Dheeraj
Exploring Antecedents of Technology Usage and Stress
Sharma, Dheeraj; Chandwani, Rajesh
Organisational Mechanisms for National Knowledge Network and Outcomes in the Institutes of Higher Education & Research: Moderating Role of Needs & Ecosystem
Singh, Manjari; Jain, Rekha
A Framework for Comparative Analysis of National Knowledge Networks in UK and India
Jain, Rekha; Singh, Manjari