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Working Papers

Individual Factors and Organisational Initiatives Enabling the Success of PWD-Managers
Malhotra, Pearl; Singh, Manjari
Substitute and Complementary Effects of Social Support on the Dimensions of Empowerment
Singh, Manjari; Sarkar, Anita
Buying Impulsive Trait: An effective moderator for shopping emotions and perceived risk
Sinha, Piyush Kumar ; Mishra, Hari Govind; Kaul, Surabhi; Singh, Sarabjot
Impact of Consumer Social Responsibility and Brand Social Responsibility Image on Brand Loyalty
Sinha, Piyush Kumar ; Mishra, Hari Govind; Singh, Sarabjot
Dominance of Affective over Cognitive Customer Satisfaction in Satisfaction-Loyalty Relationship in Service Encounters
Sinha, Piyush Kumar ; Mishra, Hari Govind; Kaul, Surabhi
My Journey with IIMA: An Autobiographical Account
Rao, T. V.
Simultaneous evaluation of pro-self and prosocial bonus schemes: Implications for newer management policies towards social betterment
Mukherjee, Sumitava; Sahay, Arvind
Weighted-Additive versus Reference-Dependent models of bundle evaluation: Evidence from discount framing on product bundles with surcharges
Sahay, Arvind; Mukherjee, Sumitava
Mortality Impact Evaluation of “Chiranjeevi Scheme” of Government of Gujarat
Mavalankar, Dileep ; Parvathy Sankara Raman; Ramani, K. V.
The Role of Government Regulation in Incubating Social Enterprises
Abhishek; Bhamoriya, Vaibhav; Sinha, Piyush Kumar ; Golwa, Ankur