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Title Foreign R&D Centres in India: An Analysis of their Size, Structure and Implications
Authors Basant, Rakesh; Mani, Sunil
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 30-Jan-2012
Year 2012
Abstract The study measures the contribution of MNCs to the generation of innovations from India. The focus is on innovations that are carried out in foreign R&D Centres. After having mapped out the size of this sector, the study develops a way of classifying them into two categories on the basis of their actual record with respect to performance of innovations. Further we survey the policies that are available in India to promote FDI in R&D services. The study also identify the characteristics of these foreign R&D centres in terms of a number of indicators like their, size, domain expertise, physical location and then it distils out the interaction of these centres with India’s National System of Innovation. The latter is carried out through a primary survey. The contribution of this study is an identification of the size of foreign R&D Centres in India from official sources of data and its actual working. The study has thus a number of pointers for public policy for promoting this activity so that it is beneficial to the host economy of India.

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