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Educational Qualifications

  • B.Sc.Tech in Textile Technology (Calcutta University),
  • M.Tech in Textile Technology (IIT Delhi), PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad),
  • Ph.D.(IIT Bombay), Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE).

Academic Affiliation

  • Life Member, All India Management Association
  • Life Member of The Textile Association of India
  • Fellow Member, Institution of Engineers, India
  • Member, Academy of International Business
  • Member, International Advisory Board of the Association of Indian Management Scholars International, Houston, Texas.
  • Adjunct Professor by Hoseo University, South Korea

Professional Affiliation

  • Was a Member of the Textile task force, by the Government of Maharashtra to advise the state Government on the aspects of formulating a comprehensive policy on textile and related industries.
  • Was been invited by Indian Merchants' Chamber to be a Member of the Frontier technology & Quality Improvement committee for the year 2002-03.
  • Joined CII Maharashtra Knowledge Based Industries Panel 2003-2004

Area Of Research

  • Issues in supply chain management of apparel industry, Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Indian Business Sector,e-governance, Building a customer centric organization, Learning leadership from the leaders and achievers of the country.

Current Research

  • Next Generation Collaborative supply chain issue - on customer focus and New Product Developement, Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Indian Business Sector, Building a customer centric organization

Publications/ Articles/ Cases


Paper in proceedings – International :

1. Atanu Ghosh and Manish Talukdar
“Multinational Business strategies 
in the Indian Home-Appliances market” presented at the INAUGURAL CONFERENCE of Academy of International Business, INDIA on “Globalization and India: Addressing the Challenges” held at IIT Bombay from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb 2003.

2. Atanu Ghosh, Ajitkumam Ng, Rajesh Bansal and Harvinder Pal
"India's Car is Born", Proceedings of the 6th Annual Convention of the International Conference on
'Strategic Management in a Globalising World: Perspective from a Developing Economy',organized by the Strategic Management Forum in Association with Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, April, 2003.

3. Atanu Ghosh and Saurabh Lahiri
"E-Governance in Indian Perspective", Proceedings of the 'International Conference on
E-governance' in the form of a Book titled 'Promise of E-Governance', edited by Prof.
M. P. Gupta, published by Tata McGraw Hill, 2003

4. Atanu Ghosh, Karuna Jain and J. Abdul Hakeem Ashiq
"Supply Chain Management in Indian Textile Industry", in the Proceedings of the 
International Symposium on Logistics held at IIM Bangalore from July 11 - 14, 2004.

5. Atanu Ghosh, Keerty Y.Nakray, and Shilpi Singh,
"ICTs, E-Governance and Rural Development" in the Proceedings of the International
Conference on E-Governance, held in Colombo on November 29 - December 1, 2004.

6. Atanu Ghosh Kunal Ghadse, Rajesh Pandey, and Premal Shah.
"Barista: making Coffee drinking an Experience", in the proceedings of IIMK - NASMEI
International Conference on Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets at the Taj Residency,
Calicut, on December 21-22, 2004.

7. Atanu Ghosh and Sanjeev Das
"Change in Competitive Environment and Emerging Challenges for Indian automobile
industry", in the proceedings of the Second AIMS International Conference on Management
(AIMSiCOM2), on the theme "Managing in a Global Economy: Emerging Challenges to
Management Profession", held at IIM Calcutta, on December 28-31, 2004.

8. Atanu Ghosh and Subhashree Chaudhuri attended   
“Automobile Industry segment in India: strategic moves and performance during the
phases of Pre-Liberalisation, Transition and Post-Liberalisation " in the proceedings of
the 3rd International Conference on " "Globalization & Competitiveness", held during
January 11, 2005 to January 13, 2005 at VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur.

9. Atanu Ghosh and Arpita Nagdeve
"Embracing on-line buying by consumers in India: an insight" in the proceedings of the
International Conference on "Marketing Paradigms for Emerging Economies,” held at IIM
Ahmedabad on January 12-13, 2005. 

10. Atanu Ghosh and Nitin Arora
"Role of e-governance frameworks in effective implementation" in the Proceedings of the
International Conference on E-Governance ICEG 2005,  held at Lahore University of
Management Science, Pakistan on 9-11 December 2005.

11. Atanu Ghosh and Gargi Banerjee
"A Study of E-governance in Rural India", in the proceedings of the International
Conference on E-Governance (ICEG 2006), held at IIT Delhi on 15-17 December 2006.     

12. Atanu Ghosh and Gargi Banerjee
“Information Technology As A Strategic Tool Of Business in India vis-à-vis USA and
Spain”, in the Proceedings of 10th Annual International Convention of Strategic Management
Forum, held at IIT Bombay on 10-12 May 2007

13. Ashish Hattangdia and Atanu Ghosh
Enhancing the quality and accessibility of higher education through the use of Information and    
Communication Technology
Paper in proceedings – National:
1. Atanu Ghosh
"Challenges and opportunities for Indian textile   and   apparel industry" presented at the 5th
National convention of Strategic Forum of India, held at MDI, Gurgaon on 25-27 April 2002

 2. Atanu Ghosh
"Role of Supply Chain Management in Indian Textile & Clothing Industry for building 
a brand Made in India with strong positive Image", Proceedings of the National Textile
Conference 2003, UICT, Mumbai, December 2003.

3. Atanu Ghosh
 "Challenges in Silk Product Exporting", Proceedings of the Seminar on 'Silk Technology',              
 held during 'SILK WEEK', in New Delhi, and organized by the Development Commissioner
(Handlooms), Govt. of India, Central Silk Board and Indian Silk Export Promotion Council,
December, 2003.

4. Atanu Ghosh and Apurva Agrawal
"Changing competitive business environment in India: Role of Innovation to cope with
the challenges" in the Proceedings of the 7th Convention of the Strategic Management
Forum of India, organised by IIM Indore from 13th to 15th May 2004

5. Atanu Ghosh and Subhashree Chaudhuri
"Design as a Value Creator" was included as a background reading material for the
participants of the AIMA-MICA Integrated Marketing Summit on "Managing Markets in
Turbulent Times", held in Mumbai on January 14-15, 2005.

Paper in Journals -  National:
1. Atanu Ghosh, Ajitkumar Singh, Rajesh Bansal and Harvinder Pal
A case study titled "India's Car is Born", 'Decision', IIM Calcutta Journal, January–June 2003 issue.

2. Atanu Ghosh
Analysis of the case " TI Cycles: New Product Strategy (A)" written by Prof.A.K. Jain and
Prof M.R.Dixit of IIMA , "VIKALPA" the Journal of IIM Ahmedabad, September 2003

3. Atanu Ghosh
"E-Learning", Paradigm, the Journal of Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad,  December 2003
Chapters in Book
The following 2 articles written by Prof. Atanu Ghosh (SJMSOM) with other co-authors, got
A Global Study of Business Practice, edited by Uday Karmarkar & Vandana Mangal
(University of California,Los Angeles, USA) and published by World Scientific, Feb 2007.

1. The India Business and Information Technologies (BIT) Survey (Atanu Ghosh et al.)
2. Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Indian Business Sector 
Review Report (Atanu Ghosh & A K Choudhary)

Newpaper/Magazines/ Newletter: 
1) Published an article in The Economic Times on Relationship Marketing, on 19-2-2000
       under the column HARDSHELL Inside India Marketing.
2) Published an article on Leadership in The Economic Times on 11th June 2001
3) Contributed an article on “Appropriate Technology” in the newsletter “Technology
       Management” Published by the School of Management, IIT Bombay.
4)   “Branding for High-Tech Products and Services” presented at MDP on “Venture
 Management” for the students of Hoseo University, Seoul, South Korea on 16th August
 2001. Published by APCTT in their e-newsletter ( visited on 14th July 2002)
5)   An article on “Supply Chain for the Apparel Industry – Some Tips” was published in
       RETAIL e-LETTER of  The Retail Vision Group,   Issue No. 21, 20th November 2003,
       PP4-5  http://www.visitscgonline.com/NewsletterNov03.pdf
6)   An article titled “ Human Capital Management in Globalizing India” co-authored with
 Ms. Gargi Banerjee published the first edition of The DNL Global Quarterly in July 2007