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Shukla P R

Name Shukla P R
Area Public Systems Group (PSG)
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Research And Publication
Programme Name Category Name Year
Energy Policies for Low Carbon Sustainable Transport in Asia Articles in Journals2015
Environmental and Resource Policy in IndiaChapters in Book2015
Electric Vehicle Scenarios for India: Implication for Development and MitigationConference Presentations2015
Long Term Future for Bioenergy in India: An Assessment of Co-benefitsConference Presentations2014
Electrical Power Technology Competition in Low Carbon Scenarios: A Modelling Assessment for India Conference Presentations2014
Modelling Solar and Bioenergy Dynamics in Low Carbon Scenarios in IndiaConference Presentations2014
Sustainable Low Carbon Urban Mobility Scenarios for India: A Co-benefits Assessment of Electric Vehicles.Conference Presentations2014
Energy Infrastructure in India: Profile and Risks Under Climate Change Articles in Journals2014
Electric Vehicle Scenarios for India: Implications for Development and MitigationChapters in Book2014
Impact Assessment and Management Framework for Infrastructure Assets: A Case Study of Konkan RailwaysBooks2013
Role of Energy Efficiency in Climate Change Mitigation Policy for India: Assessment of Co-Benefits and Opportunities within an Integrated Assessment Modeling FrameworkArticles in Journals2013
An assessment of household electricity load curves and corresponding CO2 marginal abatement cost curves for Gujarat state, IndiaArticles in Journals2013
Broadening the Concept of Sustainability and Measuring its Impact on Firm’s PerformanceWorking Paper2013
Implications of the International Reduction Pledges on Long-Term Energy System Changes and Costs in China and IndiaArticles in Journals2013
Methods and Models for Costing Carbon MitigationArticles in Journals2013
Low Carbon and Clean Energy Scenarios for India: Analysis of Targets ApproachArticles in Journals2012
Two Low Carbon Development Pathways in IndiaArticles in Journals2012
External Cost of Coal Based Electricity Generation: A Tale of Ahmedabad CityArticles in Journals2012
Framing and Modeling of a Low Carbon Society: An OverviewArticles in Journals2012
Long Term Building Energy Demand for India: Disaggregating End Use Energy Services in an Integrated Assessment Modeling FrameworkArticles in Journals2012
The Role of Asia in Mitigating Climate Change: Results from the Asia Modeling ExerciseArticles in Journals2012
Water and Climate Change Policy (National Agriculture Innovation Programme)Public Systems Group2012
Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change on Water-Energy Nexus in Agriculture under Canal Irrigation SystemPublic Systems Group2012
Grid Responsive Buildings under CBERD ProjectPublic Systems Group2012
Infrastructure for Low-Carbon Transport in India: A Case Study of the Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight CorridorBooks2012
The Emissions Gap – An UpdateChapters in Book2012
N2O Emissions of India: An Assessment of Temporal, Regional and Sector TrendsArticles in Journals2012
Introduction: Sustainable Development, Energy, and Climate ChangeArticles in Journals2011
An Emission Pathway for Stabilization at 6 Wm-2 Radiative ForcingArticles in Journals2011
Climate Agreements and India: Aligning Option and Opportunities on a New TrackArticles in Journals2011
Dynamic Life-Cycle Analysis of India’s Electricity SystemArticles in Journals2011
How to Bridge the Gap: What the Scenarios and Studies SayChapters in Book2011
Health Policy Processes in Maternal Health: A Comparison of Vietnam, India and ChinaArticles in Journals2011
Bioenergy Strategies: Moving into a Greener Future Articles in Periodicals and Newspapers2011
Low Carbon Future: Investing in Renewables Articles in Periodicals and Newspapers2011
N2O Emissions of India: An Assessment of Temporal, Regional and Sector Trends Articles in Journals2011
Sustainable Energy Transformations in India under Climate Policy Articles in Journals2011
Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Economy Transition in India Articles in Journals2010
Reinforcing the EU Dialogue with Developing Countries on Climate Change MitigationMonographs 2010
Coal and Energy Security for India: Role of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Articles in Journals2009
Development, Malaria and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study from India Articles in Journals2009
An Integrated Strategy for Urban Air Quality Management in India Articles in Journals2009
National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)Centre for Management in Agriculture2009
Assessment of Demand for Natural Gas from the Electricity Sector in India Articles in Journals2009
Winrock-1Public Systems Group2009
Integrated Regional Assessment for South Asia: A Case Study Chapters in Book2009
Winrock-2Public Systems Group2009
Public Private Partnership in City Waste Management: Case of Excel Industries.Cases / Notes2009
Regional Cooperation towards Trans-Country Natural Gas Market: An Socio Economic Assessment for India Articles in Journals2009
Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project.Cases / Notes2009
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Mitigation Potential and Cost Assessment for India Articles in Journals2009
Green Card Rating System at Reliance Industries Limited.Cases / Notes2009
Natural Gas Market in India: Evolution and Future ScenariosBooks2009
Development, Malaria and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study from India Articles in Journals2009
Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Lessons from Country Studies Articles in Journals2008
Water and Climate Change PolicyPublic Systems Group2008
Untying the Climate Development Gordian Knot: Economic Options in a Politically Constrained World Chapters in Book2008
Low Carbon Society Scenarios for India Articles in Journals2008
Clean Up or Shut Down: The Case of Dyestuff IndustryCases / Notes2008
Assessment of Impact of Climate Change on Water-Energy Nexus under Canal Irrigation SystemPublic Systems Group2008
Commonwealth Games in Delhi: Managing Urban Air QualityCases / Notes2008
Climate Change and Human SettlementsPublic Systems Group2008
Long-Term Reverse Impact of Climate Change on India’s Energy SystemPublic Systems Group2008
From Climate Change Impacts to Adaptation: A Development Perspective for IndiaArticles in Journals2007
Sustainable Development as a Framework for Developing Country Participation in International Climate Change Policies Articles in Journals2007
Assessment of Reverse Impact of Climate Change on Indian Energy SystemPublic Systems Group2007
Development of Natural Gas Market in India: Overview and Future ScenariosPublic Systems Group2007
Integrated Assessment Model for Developing Countries and Analysis of Mitigation Options and Sustainable Development OpportunitiesPublic Systems Group2007
Integrated Impact Assessment and Adaptation Policy Response Study for a Multipurpose Hydro-Electric Project in the Himalayan RegionPublic Systems Group2007
AIM/CGE Model: Application for Analysing Gas and Energy Security in IndiaConference Presentations2006
Global Climate Change Stabilization Regimes and Indian Emission Scenarios: Lessons for Modelling of Developing Country TransitionsArticles in Journals2006
Sustaining the Taj MahalCases / Notes2006
The Nal Sarovar Bird SanctuaryCases / Notes2006
Baselines for Carbon Emissions in the Indian and Chinese Power Sectors: Implications for International Emissions TradingArticles in Journals2006
Electricity Reforms, Firm Level Responses and Environmental ImplicationsChapters in Book2006
Integrating Sustainable Development and Climate Policies: Case Studies of Energy Sector in IndiaChapters in Book2006
Multigas Emissions Inventory of India: Sectoral and Regional TrendsArticles in Journals2006
Clean Up or Shut Down: The Case of Dyestuff IndustryCases / Notes2006
India’s Non-CO2 GHG Emissions: Development Pathways and Mitigation FlexibilityArticles in Journals2006
Climate Change, Sustainable Development and India: Global and National ConcernsArticles in Journals2006
India’s GHG Emission Scenarios: Aligning Development and Stabilization PathsArticles in Journals2006
Managing Emissions from Indian Electricity Sector: Application of Energy-Environment Optimization ModelConference Presentations2005
Modelling and Analysis of Sector and Region Level Policies for Optimal Management of Greenhouse Gas and Local Emissions in IndiaConference Presentations2005
Development and Climate: Impacts and Adaptation for Infrastructure AssetsConference Presentations2005
Financing the Climate-friendly Development Pathway with Illustrative Case Studies from IndiaConference Presentations2005
An Integrated Strategy for Urban Air Quality Management in IndiaConference Presentations2005
The Greenland Dialogue on Climate Change: A Policy Discussion PaperConference Presentations2005
Aligning Justice and Efficiency in the Global Climate Change Regime: A Developing Country PerspectiveChapters in Book2005
Assessing Policy Choices for Managing SO2 Emissions from Indian Power SectorConference Presentations2005
Electricity Reforms and Firm Level Responses: Changing Ownership, Fuel Choices, and Technology DecisionsArticles in Journals2005
Large Point Source (LPS) Emissions from India: Regional and Sectoral AnalysisArticles in Journals2004
Environment Impacts of UrbanCases / Notes2004
Long - Term Climate ChangePublic Systems Group2004
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Potential in IndiaConference Presentations2004
Inventory Estimation and Emerging IssuesChapters in Book2004
CDM and India: Firm Responses, Baselines, and Development DynamicsArticles in Journals2004
Electricity Reforms in India: Firm Choices and Emerging Generation MarketsBooks2004
Energy Use and Climate Change: A Policy Analysis for IndiaChapters in Book2004
Indian Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions and Mitigation FlexibilityArticles in Journals2004
Climate Change Assessment fir India: Applications of Asia Pacific Integrated Model (AIM)Books2004
Electricity Reforms: Case of Gujarat and Andhra PradeshCases / Notes2004
Konkan Railway: Impact of Climate Change on InformationCases / Notes2004
Development and Climate StrategiesPublic Systems Group2003
Biodiversity Contests: Indigenously Informed and Transformed Environmental EducationArticles in Journals2003
Analysis of Long-term Energy and Carbon Emission Scenarios for IndiaArticles in Journals2003
Future GHG and Local Emissions for India: Policy Links and DisjointsArticles in Journals2003
Climate Change and India: Vulnerability Assessment and AdaptationBooks2003
Energy Economy Model Applications for India: Long-term GHG Trends and Mitigation CostChapters in Book2003
Renewable Energy Strategies for Indian Power SectorMonographs 2003
Energy Sector Policies and Mitigation of GHG Emissions from IndiaChapters in Book2003
Integrated Environment Assessment for South-Asia RegionSeminars/Colloquia2002
Infusing Environment Concepts in Management EducationSeminars/Colloquia2002
Climate Change and Sustainable Development for India: Concerns, Issues and OpportunitiesBooks2002
Renewable Energy Technologies for the Indian Power Sector: Mitigation Potential and Operational StrategiesArticles in Journals2002
AIM-Local Model: Application to India For Carbon Mitigation AnalysisChapters in Book2002
Emissions Inventories of IndiaBooks2002
Methodology for Exploring Co-benefits of CO2 and SO2 Mitigation Policies in India using AIM/Enduse ModelChapters in Book2002
Regional Workshop for Awareness of Global Environment FacilityConference Presentations2001
Large Point Source (LPS) Emissions from India: Regional and Sectoral AnalysisConference Presentations2001
Long-Term Energy Scenarios for IndiaConference Presentations2001
Workshop on Long-term Energy Scenario for IndiaConference Presentations2001
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation Strategies for the Energy SectorConference Presentations1999
GHG Emissions Inventory for India: Sectoral and Regional AnalysisConference Presentations1999
Justice and Fairness in Climate Change: Bridging the North-South DivideConference Presentations1999
Long-term Power Sector Planning: Integrating EnergyConference Presentations1999
Energy and Carbon Mitigation: Modelling and Analysis for IndiaConference Presentations1998
Implications of Uncertainties on Energy Investments and Emissions: Analysis for IndiaConference Presentations1998
Dyestuff Industry in Gujarat: A Case of Environmental ImpasseConference Presentations1998
Energy and Emission Projections for Indian Industries Using AIM/ENDUSE ModelConference Presentations1997
Electric Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and Deficit ManagementConference Presentations1996
Management of Urban Energy and Air Quality: Case of Ahmedabad CityWorking Paper1996
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Abatement Policies for India: Innovations and Analysis with MARKAL ModelConference Presentations1996
TechnologyConference Presentations1995
Energey Conservation and Emission Control Policies in India for Industrial and Transport SectorsConference Presentations1994
Manufacturing Excellence and Global Competitiveness: Challenges and Opportunities for Indian IndustriesArticles in Periodicals and Newspapers1994
Energy-Environment Dynamics in a Medium Sized TownWorking Paper1993
Management: Action Plan for Sabarmati RiverConference Presentations1993
A Multiple Objective Model for Sustainable Micro-Watershed Planning with ApplicationWorking Paper1992
Dispatch Planning of Finished Steel: A Case Study in Modeling and Data AnalysisWorking Paper1991
Management Issues of Biogas Programme: A Case of Bihar (1984-86)Working Paper1990
Energy Demand Forecast for Agriculture in IndiaWorking Paper1990
Rejuvenation of Jute Industry: Role and Potential of Diversified ProductsWorking Paper1990
Mega Projects Implementation: Issues for Top Management (Experiences from IFFCOs Aonla Fertiliser Project)Working Paper1989
Framework for Integrated Energy Planning with Application in IndiaWorking Paper1989
Energy Planning in India: Relevance of Regional Planning for National PolicyWorking Paper1988
An Economic Analysis of Food-Energy Sector: Implications for Subsistence Behaviour and Credit PolicyWorking Paper1987
Introducing the Young Japanese Executive: Antecedents and OutlookWorking Paper1987
Integrated Rural Energy System: Planning and OrganizationWorking Paper1986
Economic Importance of Biogas in Integrated Rural Energy SystemWorking Paper1986
A Goal Programming Model for Selection of Integrated Rural Energy SytemsWorking Paper1986
Comparative Evaluation of Operating Performances of KVIC and Janata Models of Biogas Plants in IndiaWorking Paper1986
Industrial Growth Strategy: Implications for Sponge IronWorking Paper1985
A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Selection of Energy Systems and Allocation of Energy to Multiple End-UsesWorking Paper1985