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Finance & Accounting


The Finance & Accounting area has a multi-disciplinary orientation. Faculty in the area have served on government committees and contributed significantly to several policy-making issues. They have also been involved in providing consultancy services to corporate and governmental organizations. The courses and research interests of the area focus on financial management, management accounting and control, the Indian capital and money market, banking, privatization and international finance.

Some of the recent research projects by the faculty are:

  • Strategic and Financial Attributes of E-Commerce Firms: An Empirical Study
  • Pension Reforms in India: Myth, Reality and Policy Choices
  • Is There Seasonality in the Sensex Monthly Returns?
  • Member-Funds and Cooperative Performance
  • Capital Structure and Market Power
  • Relative Effectiveness of Signals in IPO's in Indian Capital Markets
  • Regulatory Implications of Monopolies in the Securities Industry
  • Disinvestments and performance of public sector firms

     As the primary emphasis of the program is on preparing graduates to contribute to research, successful candidates must possess a strong aptitude for abstract thinking and quantitative analysis. The requirements for admission into the doctoral programme in Finance & accounting are the same as the ones mentioned in the ‘Admission Requirements’.

The Program
    A student majoring in the Finance & Accounting program takes a wide range of courses, including those in their area of specialization and in various other management areas. The first year courses are the same for all fields of specialization. Listed below are the area specific first year and second year courses. The table also shows the typical course work that may be offered to a student with interest in Finance & Accounting in the second year.

Area Members:
Primary Faculty Members
Prof. Ajay Pandey <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Jayanth Varma <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Sidharth Sinha <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. T T Rammohan <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Shailesh Gandhi <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Sobhesh Agarwala <Turn on JavaScript!> (Chairperson)
Prof. Vineet Virmani <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Joshy Jacob <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Naman Desai <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Neerav Nagar <Turn on JavaScript!>

Secondary Faculty Members
Prof. S K Barua <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Arnab Laha <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Prahalad Venkateshan <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Sanket Mohapatra <Turn on JavaScript!>

Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Mahendra Gujarathi <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Prem Chander <Turn on JavaScript!>
Prof. Rajendra Patel <Turn on JavaScript!>